Lesson 6: Improvisation and Story Telling

I tired my hand at a cross-curricular lesson. Miss. Mahoney taught a lesson on the 5 Elements of a story for her Language Arts Lesson. Because we have Drama right after ELA, I thought I would have the class improve with a cluster of pictures to create a story. The story of course had to have the proper 5 elements and the improvisation came into play when each slide would change to a different picture and the students had to continue their story. I’m sure it sounds a little crazy – and it was by all means crazy, but it was a lot of fun once they got a hang of what was happening.

Below you will find my lesson plan and the slide show as well as the YouTube link to my Vlog post on how the day went with my Teaching Partner, Miss. Mahoney.

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Lesson Plan:


Power Point:


YouTube Vlog: