Lesson 5: Smoking and Peer Pressure

Middles Years is the time when students are exposed to new ideas through peer pressure. Miss Mahoney and I were given the opportunity to educate our class about smoking and peer pressure in an effort to have our students make good decisions for themselves.  Please note that some of the images in the power point may be disturbing, feel free to take them out and use what you think will be most helpful in your class. We also took a very direct approach to this lesson – there was no sugar coating done. We know that our class could handle the aggression, but again if you think that this something too strong for your class, please alter it to attain your needs.

Below you will find my lesson plan and power point, as well as the YouTube link to my Vlog post on how the day went with my Teaching Partner, Miss. Mahoney.

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Lesson Plan:


Power Point:


YouTube Vlog: