Grade 7 Geometry

Unit Plan:

Lesson Plan 1:


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Lesson Plan 2:

Lesson Plan 3:

Worksheet 3:

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Lesson Plan 4:

Lesson Plan 5 (Mid Unit Review):

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Lesson Plan 6:  STUDENT LEAD LESSON: What questions do you still have?

Lesson Plan 7:


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Note: My grade 7 class was very well versed in these concepts. We breezed the first half of the unit with no trouble. The first half of the lesson was review from grade 6 so students should have been familiar with its content. The second half of the lesson took longer than expected. We had to spend a few more days on each of these lesson as predicted. If your students had a harder time with reflections and translations then I would suggest that you take days to complete the second part. My co-operating teacher suggested that I take the time to sit down with the students who needed the most help.