Group Lesson Planning

For me personally, I feel as though collaboration is one of the most important things that teacher can use as a resource. This past week in our ECS class, we were given a chance to work with individuals who we don’t usually get a chance to work with on a Group Lesson Planning project. I loved the idea of having different ideas and perspectives on achieving a common goal. What I noticed was that everyone does their lessoning planning differently(which is fine)however, the important part of any lesson plan is that the Outcome must be met. Indicators are a guide, but if you are choosing to use the indicator you must meet it in your lesson.

What I enjoyed most about working in a group for this lesson plan was that it made me more comfortable in knowing how exactly to lesson plan efficiently. While hearing other ideas and thought processes, I feel as though I am now better able to plan and take more into consideration. I also know am aware of how detail your lesson plans need to be. I learned from my group that there are many different ways to get an idea across, what I need to do is pick the best way to get the ideas to them. Picking a lot of information and resources is important as well. From my group, I have learned that it is important to have a wide range of resources to explain a concept. I also noticed that the other members in my group used different ways to engage and explain ideas in the way they do their lesson plans.

Realistically though, I know that when we become full time, working teachers, we won’t be able to have much of the partner lesson planning and that at some point I am going to have to do it on my own but, I feel that all the partner collaboration will help me lesson plan more successfully on my own. I hope that in the future, there are also some teachers who are still willing to collaborate on lesson planning so that we can pass idea on to each other and have a wider amount of resources and a move diverse look at how to go about doing different activities with the class.

If you’d like to check out the lesson plan I made with my fellow teacher friends, the link is posted below. It’s interesting how three different teacher brains can work together as one.





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