Never too cool for Middle School!

Well, since I’m typing this blog it means one thing – I survived my first day of Pre-Internship! The day started off a little rough for me, but as the day went on everything fell into place and I loved every minute of being in the school and around the students. Ms. Mahoney and I have been so extremely lucky to have an awesome Co-op(we honestly feel like what we won the jackpot! Especially because we feel that the teaching style and the relationship that our Co-op has with the students is one that we strive to have as well) and a group of great students in our 7/8 Class! We know this is going to be a fantastic semester with them.

The day was filled with great teachable moments and we took away a lot given that it was our first day, let alone have teach a mini lesson and we can’t wait to have some more knowledgeable experiences from here on in.


Here is a short Video that Ms. M and I did(it’s our first attempt at vlogging) to set the stage for our next 7 weeks. We will be posting one for you ever week on Wednesday with how our day went so stay tuned for that. You will see that Ms. M and I have come up with a catch phrase that we might be sticking to – keep an ear out for that at the end.


I have decided that from this point forward I will be Daily Vlogging about my entire Educational experience so stay tuned for that as well!


Happy Wednesday!

Ms. Kanij


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