Exploring the SK Curriculum

Outcome: Health USC5.1: Analyze personal eating practices


  1. What does this outcome mean?

To me, this outcome means taking a closer look at the eating habits of each student.

  1. What are three activities that could help students understand this outcome?

– Have students record their daily food intake on a chart or in their journals. Ask them to be creative in this recording, such as pictures, drawing, flyer clippings, ect.

– Give students a project to identify how different kinds of food or diets effect the body(good or bad). Example: Processed vs. non-processed, Cultural foods, vegetarian, diets

– Have students bring in their favorite snacks to read the food labels and compare with other students. Sort out ingredients that are considered healthy or not healthy food choices.

  1. What are three assessment that could help students demonstrate their understanding of this outcome?

– Have students hand in their food chart and journal questions to see what they thought about their own intake.

– Have students present their projects to the class to showcase their finds and how they identified the effects on the body.

– Have students get into groups and come with healthy and non healthy ingredients from their snacks. Have students submit an exit slip of 5 ingredients they identified and what category the fall under.

  1. What is another indicator that you could add to the list?

– How do other countries – where food is not easily accessible, maintain a healthy diet. What are some of their staple foods.


My first Blog Post; Who am I?

I get easily inspired by random people and things – Mr. Mali hit the spot with his Slam Poetry in the TED Talk posted below.

Some might find him a tad aggressive or even boarder line authoritarian with is tone but, when you look behind his strong words you can see a very clear and genuine message. Behind all the negativity I’ve heard about Teachers and teaching before starting my program, this is such a breath of fresh air! One of the key messages I get from Taylor Mali’s poem is that teachers wear multiple hats during every minute of their time. Not only do Teachers have to be educators, they also need to be the inspiration, drive and force in a student’s life. But teachers have an even harder job of being critical and being hard on students in order to promote better learning. Teacher’s don’t have a set job with clear defined boundaries of what they do. Every day is a new adventure with things we don’t know that are going to happen. Teacher’s may be hard on you or drive you up the wall – the only reason is because they care.

So who am I and what do I do? I am your child’s teacher and my job is to see his or her potential and to cultivate it, often times before you the parent gets to know about it.

Be thankful for all the teachers in your life.

Here are more of Taylor Mali’s Slam poetries for you to stumble upon: