Hello, and thanks for popping by!!

My name is Alisha Kanji and I am an aspiring Middle Years(Grades 5-9) teacher living in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

I have created this Blog Spot as a way to share and remember my journey towards my Teaching Career, but also as a way to get feedback and to meet other great educators. Whether you are a teacher, student, parent, friend, family member or just stopping by, I hope that my blogs will be able to connect with you in some way. I am completely new to this blogging adventure but throughout Teachers’ College I will be sharing some of the resources and my personal opinions with you so keep an eye out for those!

I enjoy the little things in life and I try to find the beauty in everything. There are times however,¬†when these little things get the best of me and I can’t always find the beauty in the situation. When this happens in my blogs, please be sure to leave your own opinions on the matter that I am posting about so that I can hear your reasoning. Sharing is caring!

I decided that I wanted to become a teacher when I was in High School. Just before my High School graduation I looked back at my life and noticed that I never had a teacher who inspired me to be happy with who I was; to strive to be the best “me” that I could be. I made it my mission to be that teacher to someone one day. I want to thank you for sharing this journey with me and for shaping me into the great teacher I hope to be.

Please check out the rest of my blog and feel free to leave comments and feedback.

Love and Kindness to all,

Alisha Kanji



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